Holmium oxide_CAS:12055-62-8

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Holmium Oxide
CAS No.: 12055-62-8
  • Holmium(Iii) Oxide;
  • Holmium oxide;
Formula: Ho2O3
Exact Mass: 377.84500
Molecular Weight: 377.85900
PSA: 43.37000
LogP: -0.30600
Reference Price: $225/kg
Holmium(III) oxide, or holmium oxide is a chemical compound of a rare-earth element holmium and oxygen
with the formula Ho2O3. Together with dysprosium(III) oxide (Dy2O3) holmium oxide is one of the most
powerfully paramagnetic substances known. The oxide, also called holmia, occurs as a component of the
related erbium oxide mineral called erbia. Typically the oxides of the trivalent lanthanides coexist in nature
and separation of these components requires specialized methods. Holmium oxide is used in making specialty
colored glasses. Glass containing holmium oxide and holmium oxide solutions have a series of sharp optical
absorption peaks in the visible spectral range. They are therefore traditionally used as a convenient calibration
standard for optical spectrophotometers.

Appearance & Physical State: Light yellow
Density: 8.36
Melting Point: 2330ºC
Stability: Stable, but may be air or moisture sensitive. Incompatible with strong acids.

Safety Info
Safety Statements: S22-S24/25