Taicang Biomedical Industrial Park
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I. Overview

Established in February 2012, Taicang Biomedical Industrial Park is a high-tech industrial park established by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for the purpose of developing strategic emerging industries, accelerating transformation and upgrading of economy as well as overall planning of biomedical industrial development. The Park carries on “one park, many areas” in the form, the planning of core area covers an area of 9.73 square kilometers, and an area of 2.9 square kilometers for launching district is constructed in the first stage. More than 20 companies including Joinn, Crown Bioscience Inc., ABA Chemicals Corporation, Suzhou Zhijun Wanqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. etc. have scaled biomedical industrial enterprises, with advantages of stronger innovation ability, high technological content and huge development potential, its annual production is about 4 billion yuan, so it is regarded as science and technology industrial park of Jiangsu Province.
Currently, Taicang Biomedical Industrial Park has started the overall planning and designing work, and formed the state-controlled Taicang Biomedical Industrial Park Development Limited Company. The construction of launching district is further promoted, and there are ten enterprises settling down with total investment reaches 1.5 billion yuan. Among them, some projects are under construction, such as Jinmeng Pharmaceutical Factory, Gproan and Staincon Pharmaceutical Factory. According to the thoughts of industrial agglomeration, outstanding characters, perfect functions and dislocation competition, the Industrial Park will be made into a modern industrial Park of biology and pharmacy, which combines research and development and incubation, as well as has a comprehensive industrial chain, meanwhile, it should have reputation and influence, and it strives to be the spring for the development of the emerging industry in Taicang.

II. Advantages

(1) Favourable geographical location.  The biomedical industrial Park is located in northeast of Shaxi Town, Taicang city, with obvious traffic advantage and advantaged geographical location.
Highway — the industrial Park is beside many traffic arteries such as Yanjiang Highway, Suzhou Belt Expressway, Tonggang Road, Hufuhuang Road and the Shugang Highway which is under construction;
Water route — it takes 20 minutes to drive to the Taicang Port, a first-class state port and a main port for container transport artery; Airway — drive 30 minutes to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or 45 minutes to Pudong airport, and then you can start your global tour; Railway — the coastal (Hutong) railway, which is planned to be constructed, lies just on the east.
(2) Preponderant industrial environment.  The biomedical industry in our city takes on three major features: firstly, it owns perfect service system and advantageous platform of industrial cooperation. there are biomedical incubation center with perfect functions in the Park to provide all-round service to the enterprises coming to the Park; Joinn, Crown Bioscience Inc., etc. the research and development companies of new drags can supply one package outsourcing services including personalized solutions, drug screening, research of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, safety evaluation, clinical test and registration service for design of research and development project for customers, and test report supplied can be approved by FDA in USA and SFDA in China simultaneously. Secondly, it gathers a group of enterprises of development and research of new drugs and original medicine as well as intermediate. Such as enzyme base of Suzhou Hongda Group Co., Ltd., cephalosporin antibiotic base of Suzhou Zhijun Wanqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., SYS-BIO lifescience, ABACHEM, YWK CHEMICALS and KNC-daishin Laboratories Co., Ltd. etc; among them, ABACHEM is the first A-share listed high and new technology enterprise of biomedicine in our city, who devotes to becoming the center of chirotechnology and technology of N-containing heterocyclic derivatives in China and even the world; Its research achievements in fields above have reached international advanced level or national advanced level, the midbody of ABAH in its anti-epileptic drugs and the midbody of BAZI of anti tumor drugs are affirmed as the products of high and new technologies by Jiangsu Technological Office. Thirdly, it has imported series of companies of biological pharmacy. GENEMEN, STAINCON, Gproan Biotechnologies, BAIJIAN BIOLOGY and other enterprises which focus on biological pharmacy have gathered together to develop, speed up construction, the prediction is that they will become the important fresh troops of biological pharmacy industry in several years.
(3) Refined garden environment.  Planning core area is located in the central position, and which can supply the corresponding matching service for grouping of each function, except it combines office, commercial and housing, it also constructs shopping center, management commission, exhibition center and trading center, and become an important landscape center in Park.
Planning to build GMP standard factory, standardized laboratory,incubator of the research and development of new drugs,office space of research and development as well as service facilities like food and beverage, entertainment, and business and build a professional international biomedical park integrating “working, living, studying and recreation”.
(4) Complete platform service system.  We have already owned or planned and built incubation platform, public technological service platform, CRO service platform and information service platform. Public instrument testing service platform: In the new biomedical incubation center, we will provide not only professional incubation service to the enterprises coming to the Park but also professional public instruments, equipments and facilities as well as the technical service places for test analysis. The industrial Park has collected a group of organizations which providing professional services for enterprises in the Park, such as: Joinn Laboratories (Jiang Su) which is provincial public technology service platform, Taicang Crown Biopharmaceutical Analysis Inc., Taicang Zhengxing Translational Biomedical Informatics Center, etc. CRO Service Platform: aiming to demands of technical service in research and development process of Park, and take use of advantage of rich resource of the Park, and strategic cooperation agreement was signed with contract outsourcing service (CRO) supplied by many companies, which can be supplied professional technical service to coming to the Park. Planning to build “Information Service Center”, and build professional website for biomedical Park, which will be convenient for enterprises in the Park to communicate with outside.
(5) Impeccable conditions to support service. Firstly. Consumable reagent supply center: integrate several suppliers of consumable reagent and experimental instrument, and provide fast, convenient, and economical service of consumable reagent and experimental instrument supply for enterprises in the Park. Second is property service center: the Park employed professional property management company to provide logistic guarantee to create safe and comfortable park environment for the enterprises coming here and provide various professional services to these enterprises. Third is the convention center: planning to build perfect convention facilities like lecture hall, multi-function hall, training room and video conference room, etc., to provide the enterprises in this Park with multiple conference services including business conference, academic communication, project promotion and so on.
(6) Perfect comprehensive service system.  The first is to provide “one-stop” service to the enterprise settlement. The Park will introduce into the professional consultation service organization to assist in transacting procedures including industry and commerce, taxation and environmental evaluation, and supply comprehensive services including financial management, policy advisory, financial, law, and transformation of intellectual property. The second point is human resource security; Human resource service company is introduced to the Park to develop relevant trainings and professional management services, which provides the enterprises with efficient and convenient human resource security. Third is investing and financing service. The Park brought in professional financial agencies and specially established Taicang Biomedical Venture Capital Limited Company, with a registered capital of RMB 50 million yuan; Provide financial support for transformation of scientific and technological achievements by establishing supporting system of loan fund, venture capital system and venture development fund, so as to solve the problem of capital scarcity during project transformation process of scientific and technological innovation enterprises. The fourth policy is to provide CEFE service, which means to provide guidance for innovative enterprises in terms of industry development, operating management, project application consultation and market development and other aspects.

Ⅲ Policy Support

1. Science and Technology Policy
The People’s Government of Taicang City sets up “Taicang Scientific and Technological Award”, including: the Mayor Award of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Taicang, Taicang Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Contribution Award of Technological Cooperation of Taicang.
A reward of 200,000 yuan will be given for the Mayor Award of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Taicang; First prize of Municipal Technology Progress Award will be granted with RMB 50,000 Yuan, second prize of RMB 30,000 Yuan, third prize of RMB 10,000 Yuan; Contribution Award for Science and Technology Cooperation will be granted with RMB 100,000 Yuan. If the project also gets Award for Technology and Science above provincial level, the highest award amount will be granted without repeat.
2. Intellectual Property Policy
There are special patent funds used to subsidize the patent promotion matters including patent application, promotion of patent implementation, special patent funds, carrying out patent publicity, talent training and helping the right protection of patent, etc.
When accounting taxable income, for expenses not calculated in the current profit and losses not forming intangible assets, the expenses for R&D to develop new technology, new product and process will be additionally deducted 50% of the expenses based on the deduction as stipulated. For those which form the intangible assets, amortization should account for 150% the cost of intangible assets.
For the new products formed during the implementation process of patents, they can enjoy the preferential policies design to support the new products.
For those patents which can significantly affect the technological progress or produce significant economic benefits, they can be used as the reason for the inventors and designers to apply for the technical titles of relative professions. For the major inventors who have won the golden prize, honorable prize of China’s Patent Prize and provincial project prize of patent and excellent prize of invention, it can make an exception for them to apply for the technical titles of relative professions.
3. Award Policies for Talents
For those leading talents of technological innovation and venture, we will give them 300 thousand to 2.5 million yuan as subsidy for settlement; we will give them 1 million to 4 million yuan as the special fund subsidy according to the scale of the project and the rate of process; we will supply them with no less than 100 square meters of place of project startup; and we will give them 1 million to 5 million yuan as the risk investment; we will give them at most 5 million yuan as financing loans of guarantee, at most 300 thousand yuan as the subsidy of technological insurance, and at most 500 thousand yuan as the subsidy of interest payment; we have the priority to be recommended to apply technological projects of all levels and all kinds. If leading talents of technology innovation venture are confronted with other problems during project establishment and development, we should organize relevant departments and try our best to solving problems by adopting one project one discussion method.
Leading talents are encouraged and supported to make stronger and larger enterprises and emphasis will be laid on cultivating domestic famous and leading flagship high-tech enterprises in the industry within five years. For leading talent planning enterprise with support by setting up project, another RMB one million Yuan scientific research fund and secured financing loan within RMB 1 million Yuan will be granted if the sales income is more than RMB 50 million Yuan within three years; give priority guidance and recommendation to Chinese high-tech enterprise and priority support to enterprise to implement policies such as additional deduction of R&D expenses and government procurement of independent innovation-oriented products.
For first class graduate from “Project 211”, bachelor, master and doctor will respectively get RMB 500 Yuan, RMB 800 Yuan and RMB 1000 Yuan every month within 3 years; for graduate of or above full-time university bachelor from “Project 985”, 800 Yuan/month government employment allowance can be obtained upon declaration, in addition, when purchasing their first property in Yitai, bachelor, master and doctor can respectively enjoy relocation allowance of RMB 50,000 Yuan, RMB 100,000 Yuan and RMB 150,000 Yuan.
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