Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co.
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Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1997 with the registered capital of 200 million yuan. In 2006, it was transferred from the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone Administration to Shenzhen Investment Holdings Ltd., and became the only state-owned enterprise that concentrating on the development and operation of economic function districts. The Company mainly engages in industry estate development and functional zone integration services. It now has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries and one controlled company, mainly responsible for providing park development, operation and comprehensive management and other supporting services. By the end of March 2013, the Group Company has a total assert of about 2.3 billion yuan and net assert of about 950 million yuan.

Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co., Ltd. started at the end of 1980 and has experienced the whole process of national park development. It is the first batch of enterprises that engaged in the development and operation of parks domestically, and has successfully participated in the development and operation of Shenzhen Free Trade Zone and many other large industrial parks. The Company has developed land area of more than 2.5 and gross property construction area of more than 2 million square meters. Through two decades of pioneering and enterprising, the Company has successfully explored a new mode of park operation integrating development operator, service integrator and industry investor and financer, which are closely related to each other. It is now able to grasp the development and operation policy of parks and industry development trend, able to collect and integrate the advantages of park policies and resources, and able to collect resources of high quality by using the complete development and operation value chain of the park and the integrated service system, thus having created and developed the park value in a continuous and efficient way to achieve the maximum value.

In recent years, on the basis of consolidating Shenzhen park businesses, Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co., Ltd. Has continuously expanded outside markets and actively participates in the development and construction of domestic hotspot economic zone, such as the Shenzhen Bay (Jintang Building) and Fubao Industrial Park projects in Tianjin. It is committed to gradually developing into an “integrated development operator in economic functional areas” with certain brand awareness.

The representative projects that are attracting investment and operating of Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co., Ltd. include: Jintang Building and Fubao Industrial Park in Tianjin, Shenzhen Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park, and Fubao Logistics Building.

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