Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical Park
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As one of the four big growth poles, Haimen Biotech and Parmaceutical, is accelerating the development under the impulse of the dual factors of obvious regional and industrial advantage. In 2010 March, the park was identified as the first batch of “Jiangsu province science and Technology Industrial park” by Jiangsu Provincial science and technology Bureau. In order to further enhance the ability of independent innovation of area science and technology, promote regional high and new technology industry development, we will take full advantage of the park location and industrial base and create a new integrated park for high-quality residential, and business integration.

Our goal:

  1. Boost park industry to accelerate development
  2. Lead Haimen biotechnology and medicine industry upgrade
  3. Create the domestic R & D and pilot production base
  4. Be one of the most innovative & influential bio-medicine bases in China

and international cooperation & communication base


Park scale


Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical Park is located in Jiangsu Haimen Riverside New District, covering an area of 500 Mu and the total planning floor area is 320,000 square meters. It’s integrated with scientific research, business incubator, service outsourcing, product test and GMP factory. The Park’s construction highlights the combination of working environment & ecologic environment. It provides a good working atmosphere and a good innovation & creation platform for the specific pioneering groups, aiming to form a sustainable development professional park. Functions are divided into public laboratory platform, business incubator area, service outsourcing areas, products exhibition center, GMP production areas, business offices, public service facilities, etc. We are engaged in supplying comprehensive policies,  excellent environment, convenient services and professional incubator platform which includes technologically innovative R & D laboratory -pilot – Outsourcing – industrial development for enterprises, research institutions, overseas return groups, technical  innovation personnel and scientific research groups ,supervisor & postgraduates within bio-medicine field. Our goal is to be one of the most innovative & influential bio-medicine bases in China and international cooperation & communication base in the near future.

Park Introduction