The Testing Center of the Shanghai Research Institute of Materials
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The Testing Center of the Shanghai Research Institute of Materials( (the Materials Testing Center for Machinery Industry) in short SCT was built up from the research department for performance testing of the Shanghai Research Institute of Materials(SRIM) in Dec.1994. The center inherits the more than 60 years experience and achievements of the SRIM in materials testing field and owns a good credit standing in his branch in China and also abroad.
In Dec.1996 the SCT passed the China metrology accreditation by the former national Bureau of Technical Supervision. The SCT gained the certification of Testing and Inspection Organization for Assessment of Science and Technology Achievement by Shanghai municipal government in Jun.1997. And the SCT was accredited as Materials Quality Testing Organization by the former National Bureau of Machinery Industry in Nov.1999 and by the Chinese Accreditation committee for Laboratory in Apr.2001. The SCR has been authorized by the Shanghai Quality Supervision Testing Center for Metallic Materials in Oct.2006 and by the National Quality Supervision Testing Center for Metallic Materials in Mar.2009. The SCT is also the secretary office of the training and certification committee for chemical and physical testing personnel for machinery industry of the chemical and physical testing department of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.
Our service focuses mainly on the performance testing of materials (mechanical performance testing, physical property testing, chemical analysis, performance testing for polymer materials and corrosion testing of metals), quality evaluation, technical arbitration and experiment, failure analysis and safety evaluation, assessment of science and technology achievement, qualification training for materials testing personnel.
The center has 66 employees. The staff includes 7 professors, 11 senior engineers, 19 engineers and 14 assistant engineers. The center is equipped with more than 50 sets of certificated instruments with a value of over 20 million RMB. They cover the requirements of the tests comprehensively. There are for example Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Optical Spectrometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer, Carbons & Sulfur Analyzer, Nitrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen Analyzer, Materials Testing Machine, and Impact Testing Machine in operation at the center. The center also has the ability to sample and test on site. With setting up the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) operatively as leading in the branch the center has greatly improved the level of management and service.
The center has been authorized by many famous corporations such as General Electric Co. Ltd, Shanghai General Motor Co. Ltd and Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd. The center is the testing laboratory for steel construction quality inspection of Shanghai at the same time. Since years the center has provided high quality testing service for important projects such as the Three Gorges Project, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Project, West-East Gas Pipeline Project, the Shanghai Maglev Transportation Project, etc. We guaranteed the quality of the materials and project proceeding in these projects. The positive recommendation is well known in the branch. The center also played an important role in the material testing of EXPO 2010 construction projects.
The center is one of the earliest organizations, which started to research and develop the standard reference samples in China. Till now there are hundreds of such standard reference samples developed by the center. The center is also appointed as standard materials production unit by former Minister of Metallurgy and State General Non-ferrous Metal Bureau. In Mar. 2007 the center got the Reference Material Producer Accreditation Certificate by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (No.CNAS RM0003). We are well known for the production and sale of metal standard materials on the market.
In recent years the SCT has been very active to take local and national research projects on science and technology in hand. The center participated in the drawing up and revision of many national standards. The center has achieved also satisfying result in many Round-Robin test and laboratory duels.
As a third party testing organization SCT works according to the General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories(ISO/IEC 17025:2005). We devote to provide impartial, accurate and reliable testing service to our clients.
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