Shenzhen BCT technology Co.,Ltd ( BCT )
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Shenzhen BCT technology Co.,Ltd ( BCT )(–35.html) is the industry’s leading quality and security services, as many industries and customers to provide professional and innovative solutions, is an independent third party certification bodies, specialized in Safety, EMC, Physical & Chemical and other testing, certification services.

Our service content is extensive, covering product development, operation and production process, safety, quality and environmental protection and sustainable development in all aspects.

We help customers enhance brand trust, strengthening the market competitive advantage, to obtain customer praise.

We not only provide product testing, inspection and certification services, we are still developing links to help customers improve processes, improve efficiency, reduce risk, across the obstacle of the market.

By leading the service concept and innovative solutions, we help our clients to sharpen competitive edge:

Keep up with international standards, enhance brand value;

Rapid access to code recognition, accelerate products to enter the international market;

Reduce the health, safety, reduce security risks.

BCT to help customers improve product safety awareness, enhance brand reputation, make at the same time to meet customer quality and security solutions.

Strictly in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system standard ISO / IEC 17025to perform quality control BCT cooperation laboratory, China has made CNAS, Germany TUV, Rhine TUV, EMCC, FCC, SIEMIC, the United States, Canada IC, CSA, such as Norway NEMKO certification body authorized.

Sophisticated laboratory equipment, a senior industry personnel and” intentions, professional” service concept, the success of the BCT brand image, by the majority of customers and peer recognition, access to a good reputation and word-of-mouth. BCT have the strength for your product to obtain national certification, to provide comprehensive one-stop service, help your product assured of global marketing.

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